Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nominate your favorite restaurant to become
"Best Restaurant of Williamsburg Virginia"


1.  Nominate by commenting below and tell us your favorite restaurant and why.

2.  We will accept nominations during the month of August.  You may nominate only one restaurant, one time per day.  However, you may come back to nominate again the next day (and the next, and the next) -- there is no limit on the number of restaurants you may nominate (or number of times you may nominate your favorite).

3.  The 10 restaurants with the most nominations will compete for the title of "Williamsburg Travel's Best Restaurant in Williamsburg Virginia". 

4.  Contest will take place in September 2011.  Check back for details and vote for your favorite restaurant in September.


  1. I had one of the best meals of my life at the Blue Talon. They have terrific food, warm and fun ambience, and friendly staff. Plus, their hot chocolate and chocolate moose are the best I've ever had! I always go to the Blue Talon for special occasions (and, for great coffee in the morning, too).

  2. The Blue Talon is my favorite resturant. I've eaten breakfast, lunch and dinner; and they do not skimp on the portions. The staff is always willing to answer questions regarding the menu, places to go, along with the directions. The ambience is warm and friendly; and they have the best bar and iced coffee in Williamsburg.

  3. Five Forks diner is my favorite restaurant in Williamsburg. Total comfort food! It looks like such a dive from the outside, but the food is amazing. The staff is friendly. The line outside the door on Sunday mornings speaks for itself.